Fairy Tale Fantastica is dedicated to writings about fairy tales, folk tales and fantasy narratives, along with their forms, motifs, histories and themes.

It’s the magic of these stories and the captivating characteristics of their genres that led me to create this blog, and that in a fundamental way, made me want to become the writer I am today.

From an early age, I remember being read lots of stories and many of them were fairy tales and other narratives that touched on fantasy. I remember sitting on my bed and hearing Snow White, Hansel & Gretal and The Princess and the Pea, as well as more modern stories like Tikki Tikki Tembo, Peter Rabbit, The Magic Faraway Tree, and John Brown, Rose and the Midnight Cat.

Since then, fairy tales and fantasies have never failed to captivate me, even in adulthood.

I’m by no means a fairy tale expert – I’m still reading and learning (so, please feel free to ask questions and challenge my thinking). My blog posts are not definitive; they are ideas and speculations that spring to mind as I embark on this fairy-fantasy adventure.



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